Telecom Services

Whether you have a Communication Room, Head End or Server Room. We send our engineers to audit:

  • Rack/ Bay model, dimension, location and label
  • Power AC/DC breakers Amperage, positions, power cable connections and labels
  • Equipment space, power and labels
  • Cards installed in each equipment and utilized ports
  • Cables (Fiber, Ethernet, Coaxial) sub types and labels

Based on the site audit we provide full report of audited equipment and we update your sites database if required.

Our consultants bring in vast experience in the following areas:

  • Planning & Optimization: Core Switching & Circuit Planning
  • Design & Implementation: IMS, MSC/BSC/BTS, SDP, Node B/ BSC/ SGNS/ GGNS
  • Voice and Messaging: 2G/GSM, GPRS/EDGE, CDMA, W-CDMA, UMTS, HSDPA, IPTV, TDMA
  • Support: NOC, OSS/ NMS, BSS

Whether you are moving or upgrading current network we provide Network Migration/ Decommissioning Services through Professionals, who ensure that the process is managed according to industry standards. To ensure a healthy process we implement the following project management procedures:

  • Appraise, select, define, execute and operate
  • Change Management (CM)
  • Schedule and Cut over
  • Documentation and Database Update
  • Quality of Service (QoS)

We are specialized in analyzing high level engineering plan and design -WO- Work Order or -DDP- Detailed Design Package per site for each site, which includes:

  • High level overview for a specific site
  • Bill of Material includes all equipment to be installed in that site
  • Scope of Work detail step by step what to install and where
  • Connections including cable type, length, color, location, service carried, connection type, source & destination including model and cable labeling
  • Rack Layout showing what and where to install equipment/card
  • Floor Plan highlighting the Rack/ Bay locations
  • High Level Diagram in Visio format
  • Power DC/AC. With power diagram to BDFB / Fuse Panel
  • Testing when required
  • Transport Network designer/planner
  • IP Network designer/planner
  • Access Network designer/planner
  • SpatialNET designer
  • ISP/OSP Fiber planner
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